Oded Hirsch featured in artcritical

Oded Hirsch, Nothing New #1, 2011, Color C-Print
Fitzcarraldo Joins a Kibbutz: Oded Hirsch at Thierry Goldberg
By Kris Scheifele
March 10th, 2012

Almost a century ago, a small group of Russian Jews migrated to Israel’s Jordan Valley. They named their new home Tochka—’dot’ or ‘point’—because they thought it wouldn’t last. But it did, growing around an intense work ethic and powerful communal bonds, like other kibbutzim, and is known today as Kibbutz Afikim. In 1976, it would also be the birthplace of artist Oded Hirsch. Even though he left the kibbutz and now lives in New York, he has profound connections to the land and people of his formative years.

While Nothing New is Hirsch’s first New York solo exhibition, his work has already made an impact in the U.S. and abroad, perhaps most notably in The Workers at MASS MoCA and The Young Israelis at Lesley Heller Workspace. It is only at Thierry Goldberg that Hirsch’s video trilogy—50 Blue, Tochka, and the show’s eponymous piece—finds completion. This third video, based on a story by Amos Oz, The Way of the Wind, foregrounds differences between generations of kibbutzniks, between tradition and change, between ideology and practical action. These themes, all set against the embattled but stunning backdrop of Israel and its history of utopianism, are threaded throughout the show.

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